• Tea Tree Essential Oil, 2 oz ($9.95)


    Tea Tree Essential Oil  -  Origin: Australia  -  Botanical name: Melaleuca alternifolia 

    The leaves of this Australian tree look similar to its relative the eucalyptus.  It's unusual bark peels off the trunk, giving the tree the nickname "paperbark tree."  The sharp, camphor-like smell is similar to eucalyptus.  Many folks say it smells medicinal.  Use it in compresses, salves, massage oils, and aromatherapy washes.  A drop can be added to bathwater.

    Common uses:  stimulates the immune system, increases the production of blood cells, effective against bacteria , fungi, and viruses, (flu, colds, herpes blisters, shingles) can be used to treat acne and insect bites.

    Keep essential oils out of reach of children.  Do not use on or near eyes.  Do not apply directly to skin unless otherwise advised by an expert in essential oils or physician

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