Chamomile, 2oz ($4.95), 4oz ($8.95) package


origin:  Egypt             Botanical Name:  Matricaria  chamomilla

Chamomile, is a fragrant, low growing annual herb, reaching no more than nine inches in height.  The name chamomile comes from the Greek words kamai (on the ground)  and melon (apple).  When the two words are combined they mean apple on the ground.  When walked upon, the apple scent is released.  It is extensively cultivated throughout Europe and the Mediterranean countries, as well as found growing in the U.S., Canada and Argentina.

Chamomile is a calming tea.  The flowers can be used to decorate cakes and garnish fruit or green salads.  Float these little daises in a party punch bowl and add finely ground chamomile to smoothies.

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