My name is Kathy Stevens. I am a retired teacher and live in Visalia, California. Twenty-two years ago I planted my first herb garden. Lavender, mint, rosemary, sage, and thyme were the first herbs to make this garden their home. Lavender may have been my favorite in the beginning. I could not resist the fragrant smell. However, I soon became smitten with all the rest.

Watching these herbs grow and prosper in that small garden, I wondered. . . What shall I do with them? To answer this question, I read books and journals, took classes, and joined the San Joaquin Herb Society. Lots of useful information. I learned dozens of ways to use herbs in the kitchen, and throughout my home. They scent my linen closets and infuse the water in both my teacup as well as the bathtub. I sprinkle them in salads and flavor both honey and butter with them. Sometimes I tuck a little bag of them next to my pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep.

While searching for ways to use herbs, I also learned that our relationship with herbs goes back as far as the history of mankind itself. Ancient Egyptians used herbs for medicine, cosmetics, and embalming. The Greeks and Romans used them to ease pain, cure diseases, and preserve their food.

Today I continue to grow herbs and learn all that I can about them. During my years as a classroom teacher, I planted a school herb garden with my students. Now in retirement, I continue to visit and care for the garden. Fourth and fifth grade students join me on Wednesday afternoons for Herb Garden Club. Together we explore the countless ways we can use the 30 plus herbs growing in our garden.

I have just finished writing a book entitled The Herb Garden Club. It is available for purchase in our online store. The book details what my students and I have learned about seven of my favorite herbs. There are recipes, craft projects, and many ideas to help you enjoy these herbs in your daily life.